Our registry for dishes, some cookware, and other items for the home is at Macy’s.

For our silverware and more home accessories, see Crate & Barrel.

We also have a universal registry at Amazon. This includes our glassware and other products for the home, plus some more or less tangible items not on Amazon’s site, such as memberships to museums.

If none of those suits your fancy, you can help us stock our bar. We have a registry set up at Ace Beverage. Call or go by and ask for Joe Riley.

1 thought on “Registry

  1. Ed and Kate- My apologies for giving Kate a verbal RSVP- so tacky (and that was after she tracked me down). This website you set up is really cute. And, your registry listings are guaranteed to get me in trouble, as I will no doubt see things that I like for myself- I need to get out shopping more often in order to cure that. Look forward to celebrating your union. Thanks for sharing.

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